How to prepare a Will in India?

A Will can serve several purposes. You can execute a simple Will now at a click of a button. Or You may wish to execute a Will later after discussion.


  • What is to be done?
  • To whom, what is to be given and can include directions of how some things have to be done or how certain persons like young children or aged parents or challenged or differently abled individuals should be looked after.
What goes into a will?

Professional ‘Will Drafting Service’ from NexGen Estate Planners ensures that your wishes are put into legal form, so that you decide:

  • who will deal with your estate (the ‘executors’)
  • who will look after any children (the ‘guardians’)
  • whether to leave any cash sums (‘legacies’) or particular items (‘specific gifts’) to your loved ones or to charities
  • whether to give a right of occupation in relation to a property
  • whether to create a ‘trust’ to benefit certain beneficiaries
  • how to deal with any house you may own
  • what will happen to the rest of the estate (the ‘residue’)
  • whether to leave specific instructions in relation to your funeral
  • the consequences of deciding to leave someone out of the will who would ordinarily be included
Will Drafting

No Matter

How complicated or simple your Will may be, our consultants will work closely with you, listening carefully to your needs and wishes, and providing advice based on all the information you give.

At Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions, we offer an initial face-to-face meeting that places you under no obligation to take any other service.

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