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NexGen Estate Planners P Ltd. (NexGen) is promoted by AAFM India to act as a trusted partner to Financial Advisors / Planners (FAs/FPs) on estate and succession planning matters. While American Academy of Financial Management® is a worldwide Board of Standards and Financial Professional organization, offering exclusive Certified Designations, Charters, and Masters Certification to Candidates. AAFM® offers its Global Expertise to build and promote the International Best Practices in the field of Finance and Financial Advisory. AAFM® has presence in over 151 Countries globally with over 3,00,000 Certificants and sets Global Standards and Processes for Financial and Wealth Advisory.

This platform provides end-to-end estate planning solutions covering the entire gamut right from estate planning audit, wills & related services such as safe keeping and probates to customized trusts, business succession planning solutions and bereavement advisory services, thus enabling financial intermediaries to offer a complete bouquet of services to their clients.

NexGen delivers these services via a robust platform designed exclusively for its member FAs/FPs. Team comprising of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers and having a cumulative experience of more than 100 man-years in estate and succession planning, work closely with the FAs/FPs through NexGen to understand all the sensitive and confidential issues of their clients to deliver an efficient and expeditious solution.

We offer clients two service delivery models: an online option for those who want to avail of our will writing and related services from the comfort of their homes; an offline model where the client would like to interact with our team of lawyers to seek advice and solutions for their complex inheritance objectives.


Our team comprises of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers. Some of our specialists have more than 30 years of experience in Will Writing and Succession Advisory.

Mr. Vyas Rai Nagpal

Mr. Vyas Rai Nagpal, LLB, CWMFounder Director

His current profile includes Effective Brand Building and PR initiatives, augment AAFM India's Corporate Membership, increase the enrolment for various certification offered by AAFM India by building the Authorized Education Provider Network across India. He has a total work experience spanning over 9 years has been into Business Planning, Marketing and Business Development, Knowledge Management, Content Development and Training.

He did Graduation in Law (BA LLB, five-year integrated course) in the year 2006, and later in 2007 he did CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGERTM, USA. His other qualifications include Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Planning, Post-Graduation Diploma in Securities and banking Law and Post-Graduation in Corporate Law and Management.

Mr. Deepak Jain

Mr. Deepak Jain, CWM, CTEPFounder Director

His current profile includes building wealth managers of tomorrow, defining standards of Wealth Management in South East Asia, developing intellectual capital for Wealth Management Industry, promoting best global practices in Wealth Management in India. His total work experience spanning over 15 years is in the field of Academics, Insurance and Banking. During his experience, he has been associated with many banks, insurance companies and educational institutions by holding key position in the organizations like ING, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. and mentoring its towards the objective with his vast and diversified experience.

He is a Chartered Trust & Estate Planner (CTEPTM) an MBA (Finance) and his other qualifications include CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM, CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGERTM (CWMTM) and he is also a Certified Trainer for the CWMTM from AAFM, USA.


Our vision is to become the preferred partners of our member FAs/FPs to enable them to fulfil their clients’ needs in matters relating to succession and inheritance.


To support individuals in making and fulfilling their succession decisions.


Estate planning is all about ensuring one’s wishes/desires regarding one’s assets are implemented in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner... Estate planning is not something that should only be considered by wealthy or retired people, no matter how substantial or modest one’s assets and property may be, without proper planning, passing them on can lead to complications, disputes and impose large costs on the estate.

Our Services Includes

  1. ESTATE AUDIT: This is a comprehensive audit of one’s estate to ensure that on the demise of an individual his/her assets will pass on in a smooth and efficient manner to one’s intended beneficiaries. Our Estate Planning Professionals will look carefully at the individual circumstances, objectives and asset profile and based on their assessment, provide the appropriate advice and solutions necessary to ensure the assets will be passed on to intended beneficiaries in hassle-free way.

  2. WILL WRITING AND RELATED SERVICES: The idea about writing a will can give rise to the morbid thought of death and hence the financial advisors tend to hesitate about discussing this very important subject with their clients. Our members will have access to various articles and other material which could be effectively used by them to create awareness about the need and importance of writing a will and other value-added services which the clients could avail of to safeguard the future of their loved ones. Our comprehensive range of will writing services and solutions include will drafting, will validation, safe keeping, registration of wills, probates and executorship services.

  3. TRUSTS & RELATED SERVICES: Globally, private trusts are widely used as an effective tool for estate and succession planning. Many families set up private family trusts for smooth inter- generation transfer of wealth. NexGen can helps clients create trusts and also provide professional trusteeship services.

    The broad scope of work for trusteeship service:

    1. Managing and administering assets under the trust
    2. Keeping books and accounts
    3. Administering investments
    4. Acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries
    5. Implementing the directions of the settlor
    6. Distributing assets to the beneficiaries in the manner provided by the settlor
  4. TRUST FOR MINOR/SPECIAL CHILD PROTECTION:A unique trust product to safeguard the interest of a minor/special child on death of his/her parent(s). Very often, the wealth/assets left behind by the parent(s) for the minor child(ren) are misused/mismanaged by the relatives/guardian. Our robust trust structure, combined with the discipline, integrity and strong value system guarantees complete financial security of the child(ren), and peace of mind for the parents.

  5. BEREAVEMENT ADVICE: Has a client died without a will and the family is clueless as to whom to approach for help? Or is the executor of the client’s will looking for help in performing his/her obligations? We at NexGen understand that at such a difficult time, it can be overwhelming for those who are left behind to deal with the legal processes to settle the deceased’s estate.

    We support such families/executor by providing assistance and guidance on what to do when someone dies by:

    1. Establishing the existence and validity of a will
    2. Requirements for statutory notices and the Probate process
    3. Establishing beneficiaries and inheritance rights
    4. Distribution of property and assets to the correct beneficiaries at the correct time
  6. POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA) SERVICES: When a person is unable to look after his/her own affairs, he/she generally wants those closest to them to manage the affairs on his/her behalf. POA is a legal document that lets a person (the ‘donor’) appoint people (known as ‘attorneys’) to make decisions on his/her behalf in such a situation. We offer a complete package including drafting of the PoA, safe keeping and verification of “trigger events” before hand-over of PoA to the attorney to prevent possible misuse.

  7. Estate Planning Advisory Services: Having NexGen as a partner assures a complete peace of mind no matter how complex the situation is! This is because apart from the above services, we also provide advice and even implementation assistance, on all the matters given below:

    1. All round legal assistance including advising on the best course of legal action in any matter which impacts your estate and/or inheritance rights.
    2. Advising and structuring of cross-border transfer of assets e.g. to one’s child in US, keeping in mind the recipient country’s laws and regulations.
    3. Succession Advisory Services for Business & Personal Assets (Usually preferred by Clients having Net Worth Above 50 Cr).
    4. Pre-nuptial agreements and other special situation cases
    5. Advising, structuring and establishing of (ir)revocable living trusts
    6. Business Succession advisory
    7. Advising on family estate reorganizations
    8. Advising on all HUF related matters


Delhi Office No – 403, ITL Twin Towers,
Plot No. B-9, Netaji Subhash Place,
New Delhi- 110034
(M): +91 97117 97800
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