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You are not an expert in estate planning, succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfer, wills, trusts etc. But you care about these needs of your clients?

Become NexGen Professional Estate Planner!

Estate Planning is the process of creating a master plan for managing/distributiing wealth in case of disability or after death. The client decides to whom, how, and when the control and/or ownership of assets will be transferred ideally, at the lowest possible cost.

A plan for distributing wealth is just as important as a plan for accumulating it. As your client’s financial advisor, you are in a unique position to identify gaps in the existing plan, as well as inconsistencies or conflicts between the written plan and your client’s current desires.

Financial Advisors can guide clients on matters relating to wills, Power of Attorney, Letter of Guardianship, life insurance trusts and other estate planning issues for the distribution of wealth, during one’s life and on death.

Work with NEXGEN Estate Planning Solutions and we can show you how your clients can preserve their assets and build their wealth and at the same time also plan for the transfer of their Wealth.

We'll provide you with the opportunity to improve your income through an extremely lucrative and transparent fee structure - we can help you structure an annuity-like income stream long into the future (trail fees).

Adding Estate Planning services to your existing portfolio will ensure you consolidate your client/adviser relationship and offer an USP. Not only will you increase your business, but also have access to the latest up-to-date industry knowledge regarding latest developments on Wills, Trusts and other Estate Planning solutions..

Are you new to Estate Planning?

Not a problem. We will design and deliver a comprehensive training programme to help you meet your clients’ needs along with regular updates to keep you fully informed of industry and legal developments. If you need a little support along the way, we provide a free technical helpline as well as free access to our exclusive online member area.

But most importantly, we guarantee that your clients stay yours. We appreciate that you've worked hard to build your business and we're here to help you to take it to the next level.


When you become a certified NexGen Professional Estate Planner :

  • You have the backing of a reputable company behind you. NexGen is one of the pioneers in estate and succession planning in India
  • Wealth Transfer is a vast untapped market giving you the opportunity to earn substantial income, now and in future (through trailing fees)
  • You will receive comprehensive training and support that will ensure you are professionally trained and knowledgeable about Wills, Trusts and other Estate Planning matters.
  • You only need a low initial investment to start your business
  • Enjoy flexibility in your working hours without disturbing your current business
  • Be Your Own BOSS and achieve your GOALS & DREAMS!

Your clients achieve peace of mind, safe in knowledge that:

  • Their wealth will be transferred to whom they want
  • When they want.
  • Without losing control of their assets till they are alive..
  • Their estate plan is designed to minimize the transfer cost and other charges on transfer of their wealth.
  • They have appointed a guardian of their choice for their children if both (the parents) of them pass away.
  • That you will provide a service they can trust and continue to use long into the future.
  • Their Estate Planning documents are safely secured and yet, easily accessible. • That by availing of the safe keeping and archival solution of Nexgen, their estate planning documents are safely secured and yet easily accessible.
How to register as a Nexgen Estate Planner?

Once you are inducted you start acting as an Nexgen Estate Planner by interacting with your clients.


As an integral member of the estate planning team, advisors may be unsure about where their responsibilities end and where the Lawyer’s (responsibilities) begin.

How do financial advisors provide value to clients without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law?

Just as financial advisors are expertly trained and heavily regulated in their field, Lawyers are regulated in theirs. The practice of law requires a commitment to specialized training in the knowledge, application, and interpretation of legal issues. Coordination with the Lawyers throughout the estate planning process is critical to ensure that your role as estate planner is restricted to design, product selection and efficient implementation.

Acceptable Estate Planning Services for Financial Advisors
  • Gathering client data regarding personal and financial matters to identify problems and solutions.
  • Explaining estate planning concepts, such as the types of wills and trusts and why they are used; the choice of the right estate planning tools; guidance on matters such as choice of fiduciaries, such as a guardian, executor or trustee; advise on nominations; or securities registrations.
  • Efficient implementation of the estate plan, including changes in asset title, change of nominations, and if requested, act as executors of the client’s will or trustee of his/her trust.


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