Nexgen’s estate planning services include advice and execution support for trusts, wills, Power of Attorney, Letter of Guardianship, Special & Minor Child Protection, Probate, Letter of Administration, Succession Certificate, HUF related matters, Family Settlement agreements and Succession Planning. Whatever be your concerns regarding Estate Planning, Succession Planning or Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, we are there for you.


Wills Writing and
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A Will is a legal document you create to declare your wishes for your loved ones to be carried out after you pass away

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Trust and Related
Trust is an estate planning instrument to ensure that the assets are protected and looked after by a Trustee or Trustees for the beneficiaries. Minor Trusts, Special Child Trust, Asset Protection Trust

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Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions


Team has more than 50 Years experience in Estate Planning.

Legal Advisors

More than 50 Legal Advisors.


Regular Seminars & Workshops.

Trust Solutions

Provide Tailor Made Comprehensive Will and Trust Solutions.

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Estate planning is about control – not death. Part of that control is over your information. Keeping all those bank statements, legal documents, bills, receipts, etc organized can help your family when you aren’t around....
Do you have copies or originals of all your important papers? Take time to sit down and look over everything you have. ...
Some people keep everything while others keep nothing. Knowing how to stay in the middle will help you keep a useful set of the most important information....