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What is Will Safekeeping Services?

A Will is perhaps the most important document that can ensure your wishes come true and protect the well-being of your loved ones when you are not around. Protecting it and ensuring that it can be found are of utmost importance. Documents can be misplaced ,lost or someone you have entrusted the will may not reveal its existence after you have passed away. A Will which cannot be found is as good as having none.

A Will is the best way to ensure that your instructions for the well-being of your family are carried out when you are no longer around. But writing a Will is only half of the story. The other half is keeping it in a secure place. Some people hide their Will so well it is as good as lost! Most people would keep it in a bank safe deposit. Not a good idea when it comes to a Will. Simply because when the account holder is no longer around, the safe deposit locker and everything in it will be frozen. What can your family do then?

Although making a Will enables your last wishes to be made known, you should ensure that your Will can be found quickly and easily when the need arises.

At nexgen estate planning solutions, we also offer Professional Custody Services for your will.

Professional Will Custody Service
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Together with the Comprehensive Will-Writing Services, Our Will Custody Service forms the other core service of the company, where the Wills written are kept securely for lifetime basis. This enables the Testator and Executor of the Will to gain access to the Will when needed. You will be issued with Personal Will Custody Cards for easy reference. In additional, you will also receive a copy of our unique “Personal Assets Inventory Booklet” to help you organize and track their assets and liabilities.

Our Professional Will Custody Service will ensure that your Will is
  • Kept with complete confidentiality. Only your appointed Executor of your estate is allowed to retrieve your Will.
  • Prevented from tampering.
  • Safe from calamities such as fire and flood.
  • Free from accidental or deliberate destruction.
  • Certain to be found when needed.

You Receive a Personal Will Custody Cards so that your family members and executor of your estate are aware of your Will kept in our safe custody.

Customers who believe in Will-writing can now enjoy total peace of mind when their Wills are kept safely and securely through Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions.

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