Why choose Nexgen Estate Planning Solutions?

Legal Work

Leading Lawyers

The ones who draft and vet Wills and Trusts are leading lawyers with years of experience in this complex and dynamic subject matter.


Qualified CAs

For complex Wills, we draw on in-house input from qualified Chartered Accountants, Tax and Financial Planners and externally from our panel of lawyers or offshore consultants.

Unique System


We have a unique system that ensures all our Estate Planning Solutions are in consonance with your requirement with checks and balances on all legal aspects, to suit all requirements. This system is regularly upgraded and improved.

House Call

Convenience of Customers

We provide house calls at the convenience of customers.


Highly Experienced

In drafting Wills and Trusts, we draw from our experience to avoid practical problems that may be encountered in future in estate administration, such as getting the right asset details.

and much more...

In addition to Will-writing, we provide a comprehensive range of estate planning services.


We will help you every step of the way


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